Friday, March 28, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....34

1. Three things are the character of the friends of Allah-----Being at peace in one's heart towards others; A generous nature; Thinking the best of Allah's slaves.

2. Be close friends with the steadfast and submissive.

3. Do not annoy back those who annoy you, nor enter into what does not concern you.

4. Be occupied with your own faults, and never disclose a secret what should remain confidential.

5. Bear with the annoyance of those who show ignorance and forgive those who wrong you.

6. Be patient with adversities, little of imposition on others, but great in help to them.

7. Let your speech be wisdom and your looking reflection.

8. Put all your pride away. Always find a gentle word to say......We shouldn't be full of ourselves when we should be full of humanity.

9. Efforts not results count in the Sight of Allah. It is the mercy of Allah that He does not demand results. He is pleased if He finds us making our best efforts.

10. Knowledge calls for practice, if practice does not follow, knowledge goes away or becomes a burden. Real knowledge must bear fruit and the fruit of knowledge is practice, otherwise it is useless, harmful knowledge.

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