Sunday, February 21, 2021

Understanding Temperament and Mood

1.Temperament / Mood:

a.Temperament comprises of your unintentional behavior patterns.

b. The real test of your temperament is how you behave with

the parents, siblings, spouse, and children.

c. Temperament and mood are two different things: The mood can

be influenced by the physical state and is temporary.

d. The self aware individuals will not let their mood affect their 


2. Three indicators of good temperament:

a. People enjoy your presence.

b. People feel secure and comfortable in your presence. 

c. People feel respected in your presence.

3. Why do we need to work on our temperament:

a. To improve our relationships and become capable

of fulfilling the responsibilities of improving our behavior.

b. We will be accountable for our own temperament on

the Day of Judgment. [Salman Asif Siddiqui]