Saturday, April 22, 2017

If you see an afflicted person....

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever unexpectedly comes across a person suffering a calamity, and says, ‘Al-hamdu Lillahil-ladhi ‘afaani mim-mabtalaaka bihi, wa faddalani ‘ala katheerin mimman khalaqa tafdeela,’ will be kept safe from that calamity, no matter what it is.” [Sunan Ibn Majah]

The meaning of this Dua is: “Praise is to Allah Who has kept me safe from that which He has afflicted you with and preferred me over many of those whom He has created.”

If you see anyone suffering any kind of trial, calamity or difficulty, recite this Dua. If you don’t know it in Arabic just say its meaning in whatever language you know. The point is to feel grateful to Allah (subhana wa ta' ala) for keeping you safe and well.

This Dua should be recited quietly to oneself, so that the distressed person does not hear it and feel saddened by it. [Daily Hadith]

Monday, April 17, 2017

A real beautiful story....

A man married a very beautiful girl and he loved her very much. One day she developed a skin disease. And slowly she started to lose her beauty. It so happened that one day her husband left for a tour. While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually. Blind husband did not know this and there  was not any difference in their married life. He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.
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One day she died. Her death brought him great sorrow. He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.
A man from behind called him and said, now how will you be able to walk all alone? All these days your wife used to help you.
He replied, I am not blind. I was acting,  because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease. So I pretended to be blind. She was a very good wife. I only wanted to keep her happy.
Moral:- Some times it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another's short comings, in order to be happy.
No matter how many times the teeth bite the tongue, they still stay together in one mouth. That is the spirit of FORGIVENESS.

Even though the eyes don't see each other, they see things together, blink simultaneously and cry together. That's UNITY.
May God grant us all the spirit of forgiveness, unity and togetherness.
1. _Alone I can 'Say' but together we can 'Talk'.
2. _Alone I can 'Enjoy' but together we can Celebrate.
3.  _Alone I can 'Smile' but together we can 'Laugh'._

That is the BEAUTY of Human Relations. We are nothing without each other. THEREFORE, STAY CONNECTED..

The razor blade is sharp but it cannot cut a tree; the ax is strong but it cannot cut the hair.
MORALS: Everyone is important according to his/her own unique purpose. Never look down on anyone unless you are admiring their shoes.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Lesson of the day 1411

Ayahs of the Day: 
If He wished, He could destroy you, O mankind, and create another race; for He has power to do this. Anyone who wants a worldly prize (should know) God holds the worldly prize plus another in the Hereafter. God is Alert, Observant. [4: 133,134]

Hadith of the Day: 
None of you should pray for (his own) death, because if he is a good person, it is possible that he might add to his virtuous deeds, and if he is not a good person he might get a chance to rectify his (evil) past. [Bukhari & Muslim]

Wise Quote of the Day: 
The action which is sincere and incorrect is not accepted, and the one which is correct and insincere is not accepted. It is only accepted when it is sincere and correct. [Shaykh Faraz Rabbani]

Guidance of the Day:
The true ascetic is he who is careful to protect himself from dubious and unsanctioned practices in commerce. The same (attitude) applies to all other occupations and professions. Anyone who works in a given field is duty bound to learn how to guard against what is forbidden therein. This is also obligatory with knowledge of the conditions of the heart, such as complete reliance on God, repentance, fear, satisfaction (with God's decree)----for this applies to people of every walk of life.

The nobility of learning is not foreign to anyone, since it is something peculiar to all mankind. With the exception of knowledge, humans as well as animals are associated with several virtues, such as valor, courage, strength, generosity, and compassion. Learning, however, is the exception. Through it, God revealed the preeminence of Adam (peace be upon him) over the angels whom He commanded to prostrate themselves before (this first human). Learning is indeed noble, for it leads to a fear of God which entitles (the believer to receive) God's benevolence and eternal bliss (in the Hereafter). [Instruction of the student--The method of learning by Imam Al Zarnuji]

Food for Thought:
Life is an adventure in forgiveness. It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend. He who cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he must pass himself, for every man has need to be forgiven.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

The price of Paradise....

The price to enter paradise is you. You give away everything you have, down to your life, to get in.

From deep within your soul, give love and hope and prayers for others. Every moment of time spent
with your child, spouse, or loved one is you giving away that which is precious to someone you
hold dear.

When someone needs your help, don't say "no" even if you are tired. When someone needs some
of your wealth, don't say "no" even if you aren't rich.

Give from your skills and talents to make your community a better place. You are unique and someone
somewhere needs you.

Put your life on the line fighting for the good. Your life doesn't belong to you anyway; it belongs to Allah.

When you become so fatigued from giving everything away that the circles under your eyes have darkened
and your shoulders have become hunched with the weight of your work, take a moment of rest to nourish
your soul and strengthen your body. Then get up and give more.

The time for prolonged rest and sleep will come soon. Don't hoard yourself and your things, because at
the end you will not be asked: "How much did you accumulate?" Rather, you will be asked: "How much 
did you give away?"