Sunday, April 02, 2017

The price of Paradise....

The price to enter paradise is you. You give away everything you have, down to your life, to get in.

From deep within your soul, give love and hope and prayers for others. Every moment of time spent
with your child, spouse, or loved one is you giving away that which is precious to someone you
hold dear.

When someone needs your help, don't say "no" even if you are tired. When someone needs some
of your wealth, don't say "no" even if you aren't rich.

Give from your skills and talents to make your community a better place. You are unique and someone
somewhere needs you.

Put your life on the line fighting for the good. Your life doesn't belong to you anyway; it belongs to Allah.

When you become so fatigued from giving everything away that the circles under your eyes have darkened
and your shoulders have become hunched with the weight of your work, take a moment of rest to nourish
your soul and strengthen your body. Then get up and give more.

The time for prolonged rest and sleep will come soon. Don't hoard yourself and your things, because at
the end you will not be asked: "How much did you accumulate?" Rather, you will be asked: "How much 
did you give away?"


Unknown said...

Someone shared with me a picture of this essay from a page of a book. Would you mind sharing which book is this essay from, or which book this essay has been published in? Really appreciate it.

Luv2learn said...
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Luv2learn said...

I've been looking for this book too . Please let me know the name of the book . Jazakillah khair

Luv2learn said...

Just found out , this has been taken from a book called A temporary gift by Asmaa Hussein

shezjac said...

Regarding this book. Has anyone been successful in locating the author. I am also searching. It’s what berougjt me to this page :)))

Jazakallah Khair.

Elisa said...

The author is Sr Asma Hussein

Anonymous said...

What is the name of the book from which this page is taken please?