Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....73

1. The one who overcomes his desires is braver than him who conquers his enemies, for the hardest victory is self.

2. You will find rest from vain fancies if you do every act in life as though it were your last.

3. Never take anything for granted, but rather take everything with gratitude.

4. Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forgo an advantage.

5. Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it is.

6. He that can have patience can have what he wills.

7. He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book.

8. He that is of the opinion "money will do anything" may well be suspected of doing anything for money.

9. He that won't be counseled can't be helped.

10. If passion drives you, let reason hold your reign.


Jimbo said...

I have been viewing and enjoying Lessons for some time now and recently ordered Cohen, The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore]
since it is quoted frequently. I was supremely shocked and saddened to read the first chapter finding out the authors "religious" background that included drugs, guru worship and New Age drivel. While the quoted text is many times inspiring I am reluctant to read advice of a person who extols drugs and dubious philosophy. I would say I am a very open Muslim and seek knowledge from many sources. I just wish that the blog owners would warn readers of the above authors background. May Allah SWA bless you for your eforts and guide us in our search for the understanding of His Truth.

Dipti said...

Beautiful and wonderful as always

Hamid said...

Salamunalaik ya ukthi.

For the first time these pearls of wisdom has brought tears in my eyes,fear in my heart,shiver in my body.

How excellent n powerful are these..Allahukber.Some words have thier effect on body more faster than medicine.