Monday, April 21, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....42

1. In influencing others, example is not the main thing, it's the only thing.

2. Children have never been good at listening to their parents, but they have never failed to imitate them. A good example is the best sermon.

3. Cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity.

4. When we look for the best in others, we find it in ourselves.

5. Character is how we act when we think no one is looking, or doing the right thing when no one will know the difference.

6. Gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues, but the parent of all the others.

7. One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.

8. There is no education like adversity. We can transcend adversity and turn trials into triumphs if we resolve to act with character in times of crises.

9. The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he accumulated during the first half. What habits did you form in the first half of your life?

10. What matters is not whether other people are acting in the same way or whether they notice, approve, or agree with what we do; it's that we have the courage, character, and confidence to do what we're supposed to do when we're supposed to do it.

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