Friday, April 11, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....39

1. Taqwa is protecting one's self from God's punishment by means of obedience to Him.

2. Taqwa is wariness of shirk, then wariness of evil things and sins, then dubious things. After that he leaves off all that is of no true concern.

3. Taqwa is that Allah be obeyed and not disobeyed, remembered and not forgotten, and thanked and not be the object of ingratitude.

4. There is no provision other than taqwa, and there is no work other than perseverance in taqwa.

5. Taqwa is shunning whatever makes one distant from God. Whoever desires sound taqwa let him abandon all sin.

6. The exterior of taqwa is preservation of the boundaries, and its interior aspect is intention and striving.

7. Taqwa is restricting oneself to the indubitably permissible, and that is all.

8. He whose greatest property is taqwa gains a profit, tongues are unable to describe.

9. Taqwa is that one shun his taqwa, which is to say, avoid awareness of his own taqwa.

10. The taqwa of a person is indicated by three things------good trust with respect to what he has not been granted, good contentment with what he has been granted, and good patience in the face of what he has lost.

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