Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....18

1. Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings counting your troubles.

2. Mistakes are blessed lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The furture is yet in your power.

3. A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.

4. Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

5. Responsibility educates. Responsibility is the price of greatness. The only way to get rid of the responponsibilities is to discharge them.

6. He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.

7. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward of what he gives.

8. Let the motive be in the deed and not in the event. Be not one whose motive for action is the hope of reward.

9. No man, who continues to add something good to the material, intellectual and moral well-being of the place in which he lives, is left without proper reward.

10. The effects of our actions may be postponed but they are never lost. There is an inevitable reward for good deeds and an inescapable punishment for bad. Meditate upon this truth, and seek always to earn good wages from God.

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Naveen Davis said...

Your writings are really encouraging me to live in a different way...... keep on blogging