Friday, March 19, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 235

1. Move away from excessive extremes and you will be safe.

2. Visit the graves with single-minded focus -- they will remind you of death.

3. Take a journey to the place of the Resurrection in your heart.

4. Be the executor of your soul and do not make others your executor.

5. Approach your affairs intelligently.

6. Wake up from your slumber -- you are responsible for your lifespan.

7. Know that whoever makes the Hereafter his ultimate concern, God suffices him in his worldly affairs.

8. Act on those things that cause you to be spiritually alert.

9. Awareness of God's surveillance should be your greatest goal.

10. Make your spare time a source of enrichment. [Above quotes by Imam Harith al Muhasibi]

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bilal said...

Regarding one of your earlier posts:

"You cannot reach all people with your wealth, so let your smiling face and good character reach them. [Hakim]"

Who is Hakim?