Friday, March 12, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 233

1. The tribulation of the seeker of the world is the idling of his heart from remembrance of the Hereafter.

2. You should know that God has chosen from His believing servants those intelligent folk who know Him and acknowledge His command. He has described them as being faithful, virtuous, fearful, and reverent.

3. Know that the obligation owed to the Book of God is to act on the basis of the rulings conveyed by its commandments and prohibitions; to respond to its threats with fear, to its promises with longing, to have faith concerning the truthfulness of its obscure statements, and to reflect on its stories and parables.

4. Know your objective -- verily recompense is based on intention.

5. Be very mindful of the commandments and prohibitions of God.

6. Take yourself to account for every thought.

7. Be very mindful that God is watching over you with every breath that you take.

8. Fear God in your religion, and hope for good from God in all of your affairs.

9. Patiently endure whatever afflicts you.

10. You should know that the relationship between patience and faith is like the relationship between the head and the body. [Imam Harith al Muhasibi]


aneebaba said...

This lesson's Guidance of the Day is one that is very important and one that I need to really work on.

aneebaba said...

Oops, forgot to say, JAZAK'ALLAHU KHAIRAN Sr. Iffath!