Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 232

1. One who rectifies his inner self with an awareness of God's surveillance and sincerity; God adorns his outer self with devotional acts and adherence to the Prophetic way -- Sunnah.

2. Anyone divested from the world finds his divestment in proportion to his knowledge, his knowledge in proportion to his intellect, and his intellect in proportion to the strength of his faith.

3. Good character is bearing abuse, rarely becoming angry, a pleasant face, and sweet speech.

4. Everything has an essence. The essence of a human being is his intellect, and the essence of his intellect is patience.

5. The oppressor is remorseful even if people praise him.

6. The oppressed is safe even if people condemn him.

7. The content person is wealthy even if he is hungry.

8. The covetous person is impoverished even if he owns plenty.

9. One who does not thank God for a blessing has called for its eradication.

10. The best person is one who does not allow his Hereafter to preoccupy him from his worldly affair, nor does he allow his worldly affair to preoccupy him from his Hereafter. [Above quotes by Imam al Harith al Muhasibi]

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aneebaba said...

I think the Guidance of the Day feature is the one I seem to learn from the most often. When I think of these words and the general way I should act to words fellow Muslims, there is one ayah that I think of much these days and that is ayah 71 from Surah At-Taubah. Jazak'Allahu Khairan as always.