Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....96

1. Character is what defines a human being, not the outward form. [Shaykh al Jonayd]

2. One of the clearest signs of pure slave hood is an utter lack of complaining even while patiently enduring adversity. [Shaykh al Jonayd]

3. O son of Adam! You are but a bundle of days. As each day passes away, a portion of you vanishes away! [Hasan al Basri]

4. Modesty is a gift which is granted through guarding oneself from sins. [Shaykh al Jonayd]

5. Sincerity is realized through slaughtering one's ego by deeming one's greatest works as unworthy. [Shaykh al Jonayd]

6. Wisdom is the fruit of following the Sunnah, and chaos is the fruit of following one's ego. [Shaykh Othman al Jabri]

7. Only those who fear the Hereafter will find comfort in the Hereafter. [Shaykh Othman al Jabri]

8. The best sin is the one which results in sincere repentance and the worst act of worship is the one which leads to conceit. [Ibn Ataillah]

9. Adherence to the Sunnah, increase in one's worship and obedience to the Sacred law are all signs of intimacy with the Divine. [Ibrahim bin Dawud warqa]

10. The likeness of this world is that of a river, one of its shores being the Hereafter, and the boat for crossing over is built from Taqwa. [Abu Ayub bin Ishaq]

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