Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....199

1. Mystical knowledge is that which has severed from everything except God and brought you back to Him.

2. Whenever He hinders you from attaining what you desire and makes you resort to what He desires, it is a sign of His love for you.

3. Serving God consists in reflecting upon God's commands and studying thoroughly the religion of God.

4. If anyone is entirely satisfied with his good works, he is bankrupt. But if anyone is completely satisfied with God, he has true satisfaction.

5. The sign of commitment (tafwid) to God is the lack of distress when distasteful things befall.

6. Whenever you come to see that in everything that exists you have no benefactor except Him, then you will be a thankful slave.

7. May your main concern be three things-------repentance, piety, and vigilance.

8. The work most indicative of love to Him is disdain of the world and despair of its people through living in harmony with them.

9. The Divine ordinances (fara'id) are well known, and the acts of disobedience are common knowledge, keep the Divine ordinances and shun the acts of disobedience.

10. Guard you heart from worldly desire, the love of high repute. In all of these, be content with what God has allotted to you. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abul Hasan al Shadhili]

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