Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....197

1. There are two evils, having which, an abundance of good works is seldom profitable-----discontentment with God's decree and wronging God's servants.

2. Remembrance of God is the light of the heart, and His presence is the key to the invisible.

3. May God be your aim and death your desire, and indulge not in a long future hope.

4. Real asceticism (zuhd) is emptying the heart of whatever is other than the Lord.

5. Real prostration (sujud) is the yielding of the heart to the ordinance (ahkaam) of the Lord.

6. The perfect man is not one who lives in himself. The perfect man is only one through whom others live.

7. Sufism (tasawwuf) is training the self in servant hood and restoring it to the rules of Lordship.

8. The true Muslim is one who does not turn his attention to mankind, and who has relied on nothing except the promises of the True One.

9. There is no great sin greater than-------love of the world, and remaining in a state of ignorance with contentment.

10. Love of the world is the apex of all inequity, and remaining in ignorance is the root of every act of disobedience. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abul Hasan al Shadhili]

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