Monday, September 28, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....191

1. Silence is golden--------the unsaid is often more important and deeper than the said.

2. Human beings, despite all of the new technologies of the modern era, are essentially weak and helpless.

3. Terrorism is a symptom of an illness, rather than the illness itself.

4. The traditional religious viewpoint states that our major preoccupation in life should be our relationship with the Creator.

5. We are spirit, not matter. The spirit is equipped with a body in order to be able to operate in the material universe.

6. At death, the spirit dissociates from the body in order to operate in another world.

7. The essence of spirituality and religion is the cultivation of our relationship with the Absolute.

8. Exercising our will and insisting on our plans lead to stress and anxiety.

9. Most problems, when solved, are not solved by voluntary decisions, but rather as the result of a process. [Above quotes by Joel Ibrahim Kreps]

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jazaakAllah khair sister.