Monday, August 03, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....178

1. To blame others for our misfortunes is always a victory for the nafs.

2. We should not do what we like, but we should like what we should do.

3. True religion invites you to become better people. False religion tells us that this has already occurred.

4. Trying to be loved is not the best way to be loveable.

5. We need less self-righteousness and more self-knowledge.

6. Television is hellish vision because it robs us of the sense of truth.

7. It is better that the injustices of others stand than our own injustices should stand.

8. It is better to appreciate what you do not have than to have what you do not appreciate.

9. The greatest achievement of the ego is to make virtue unattractive.

10. Salat is the Zakat of time. [Above quotes by Abdul Hakim Murad].


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