Friday, July 31, 2009


Ayahs of the Day:
So what prevents you from spending for the sake of God, when the inheritance of the heavens and the earth belongs to God? Those of you who contributed before victory and fought are not on the same level; they are greater in rank than those who contributed and fought afterwards. But God has promised fairness to each and every one; and God is fully aware of what you do. [57: 10]

Hadith of the Day:

A man has sinned enough if he neglected to feed those in need. [Fiqh us Sunna]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Faith is a natural state uniting the created to the Creator: to realize it means salvation, and to lack awareness of it spells disaster. [Imam Birgivi]

Guidance of the Day:
There are many kinds of purposes that can inspire our lives. A mother raising healthy, happy children has an involving purpose, as does a child completing a complex science project. A woman or man who runs or works out in a gym daily to keep fit or who operates an impeccable office are living from purpose.

The person who drives a bus load of handicapped children to school has as great a purpose as the person who manages to maintain a clean environment. Determined, conscious living that leads people to feel satisfied and enlivened by a job well done, whatever that job may be, is what it means to live from purpose. [Tatelbaum, You Don't Have to Suffer]

Food for Thought:
You can't always have everything, but you can make the best of what you have. Discontentment makes rich people poor, while contentment makes poor people rich. The secret of abundance is to stop focusing on what you do not have, and shift your consciousness to an appreciation to all that you are and all that you have.

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Anonymous said...

jazaakAllah khair sister, keep these coming! for the record they always get me thinking and refresh my mind with regards to the deen when i wouldnt be thinking about it otherwise (in other words, keep my imaan strong).

May Allah multiply your blessings.