Friday, July 24, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....176

1. He who keeps watch at night will rejoice in his heart during the day.

2. It is important to aspire to the highest level of learning, since man flies by his aspirations as a bird flies with its wings.

3. Small things are great in the eyes of the small person, and great things are small in the eyes of the great.

4. Do not make haste in your affairs, but proceed slowly with them; for nothing will straighten your stick like a slow fire.

5. Beware of laziness, for it is misfortune and a great calamity.

6. The ignorant are dead before their death, for the one who does not live by knowledge is dead.

7. The life of the heart is knowledge-------so seek it; and the death of the heart is ignorance-------so shun it.

8. He who takes up learning will never have his honor effaced.

9. The beginning and end of knowledge is happiness.

10. Beware of laziness in investigating the doubtful. [Above quotes by Imam al Zarnuji]

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