Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....174

1. Every sin is the result of a person's putting the desires of his soul above his love for Allah and His messenger. [Ibn Rajab]

2. Repentance is not simply a matter of stopping one's sins but it is to refrain in the most beautiful manner from sinning and to amend for one's deeds in the best way possible. [Al Raaghib al Isfahaani]

3. Haste in five things---------feeding one's guests; preparing for the burial; marrying a virgin; paying back a debt; and repenting a sin. [Hatim al Asamm]

4. Beware of bad company, a bad friend is as unreliable as a snake. [Shaykh Zulfiqar]

5. A man's religion is that of his intimates, so let each of you consider who he becomes intimate with. [al Hadith]

6. Whoever cares not where he obtains his living from, God cares not from which of the gates of Hell He will make him enter. [al Hadith]

7. Leave that which arouses suspicion for that which does not. [al Hadith]

8. Part of the excellences of the person's Islam is in leaving alone that which does not concern him. [al Hadith]

9. A Muslim is someone from whose tongue and hands Muslims are safe; and a Muhajir is someone who leaves behind what Allah has forbidden. [al Hadith]

10. He who believes in God and the Last Day, let him speak words of goodness or else remain silent. [al Hadith]

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