Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....152

1. When He lets praise of you burst forth, and you are not worthy of it, praise Him for what He is worthy of.

2. Your desire that people know your particular distinction is a proof of insincerity in your servant hood.

3. Make mankind's looking at you disappear by being content with God's looking at you. Slip away from their approach to you by contemplating His approach to you.

4. He who knows God contemplates Him in everything. He who loves Him prefers nothing over Him.

5. Let your asking be for the sake of showing servant hood and fulfilling the rights of Lordship.

6. Sometimes you will find more benefit in states of neediness to Him than you find in fasting or ritual prayer.

7. If you want gifts to come your way, then perfect the spiritual poverty (al-faqr) you have. For "Alms are for the poor."

8. Realize your attributes and He will help you with His Attributes. Realize your lowliness and He will help you with His Sublimity.

9. Realize your impotence and He will help you with His power.

10. Realize your weakness and He will help you with His Might and Force. [Above quotes by Ibn Ata'Allah]

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