Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....151

1. Ritual prayer is a purification for hearts and an opening-up of the door of the invisible domain.

2. He knew of the existence of weakness in you, so He made the number of ritual prayers small; and He knew of your need of His grace, so He multiplied their fruitful results.

3. Cling to the attributes of His Lordship and realize the attributes of your slave hood.

4. How can the laws of nature be ruptured for you so that miracles result, while you, for your part, have yet to rupture your bad habits.

5. Nothing pleads on your behalf like extreme need, nor does anything speed gifts to you quicker than lowliness and want.

6. Whoever honors you honors only the beauty of His veil in you. Therefore, praise is to Him who veiled you, not the one who honored and thanked you.

7. No one is a companion of yours except the One Who, while knowing your defects, is your companion, and that is only your Generous Lord.

8. People praise you for what they suppose is in you; but you must blame your soul for what you know is in it.

9. When the Believer is praised, he is ashamed before God that he should be lauded for an attribute he does not see in himself.

10. The most ignorant of all people is the one who abandons his certitude (Yaqeen) he has for an opinion (Zann) people have. [Above quotes by ibn Ata'Allah]

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