Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....149

1. The heart of the lover of Allah desires to sacrifice every thing for the sake of the Beloved.

2. Love of Allah changes the bitterness in a person's life to sweetness. No depression or anxiety afflicts the one who is attached to his Lord.

3. The sole objective of a sincere lover of Allah is to meet his Beloved. He passes his entire life in participation of this meeting.

4. He who reveres the appearance of this world, will always have regret and sorrow. [Above quotes by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad]

5. The lovers of Allah have taken the honor of this world and the honor of the Hereafter, because the blessed Prophet (sws) said; "A man will be with whom he loves." [Samnun Muhib]

6. Love is to find trifling that which is given from oneself to the Beloved, even though it is great; and to find great that which is received from the Beloved, even if it is very small. [Bayazid al Bustami]

7. When the heart is imbued with the love of Allah Most High, then each word creates an impression on the hearts of the listeners. [Shah Abdul Qadir]

8. The avoidance of nonsensical things is a condition for success and a proof of perfection. [Muhammad al Ghazali]

9. The word TRUST contains an ocean of meaning, but underneath it all is the sense of responsibility, the sense of having to appear before Allah and to account for one's actions. [Muhammad al Ghazali]

10. Glad tidings to the one who abandons the dunya before it abandons him, and pleases his Lord before he meets him. [Abdullah bin Abbas radi Allah anhu]

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