Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....145

1. Sit in the company of Ulama frequently and listen carefully to what the wise men say, Allah Most High gives life to the dead hearts by the Noor of wisdom, just as He revives the dead earth by heavy life giving rains.

2. Recite frequently "O my Lord forgive my sins." For, there are certain hours during which Allah's special favors descend upon His men and everybody is granted whatever he asks from Allah Most High.

3. No one can perform good deeds, unless he possesses a firm belief in Allah Most High. If a person's belief is unsound, he is very weak in performing good actions.

4. Do not be less capable (in devotion) than a rooster which starts crowing at early dawn and you be lying in bed.

5. If Satan were to create doubts in your mind, let your firm belief over power him and silence his whispers.

6. If Satan tempts you to be negligent in virtues, defeat him by the remembrance of the Day of Resurrection.

7. If Satan tempts you towards joys of this world or makes you afraid of the hardships of this life, say to him, 'One must inevitably leave this world', (neither the luxuries nor the hardships are enduring).

8. He who tells a lie loses the freshness of his face.

9. He who cultivates bad habits will ever remain sad.

10 It is easier to move huge mountains from one place to another than to reform the ignorant, stupid--------don't be one. [Above quotes by Hakeem Luqman]

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