Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....58

1. The main reason people get angry is because they are filled with themselves, their egos get in the way.

2. One can control anger by recognizing that nothing takes place without God's leave; there is no power or might except God.

3. If your actions hold you back, your lineage will not speed you up.

4. To speak about death is to speak about the urgency to live a faithful and wholesome life before death over takes.

5. The often remembrance of death gives one energy to achieve good deeds, and engenders seeking repentance right away when one slips or errs.

6. Laughter and amusement at the expense of the dignity of others is wholly inappropriate.

7. Never mock any creature of God, for it might be beloved to He who created it.

8. Those who mock people in this life shall be mocked in the Hereafter, for it is a Divine law that God recompenses people with the like of what they have done.

9. It is easy to say something that brings ruins upon its speaker. Learning how to control the tongue is an enormous discipline.

10. Time is a gift that God has given us, and what we do with it is the most important challenge. Once we realize we are accountable for our time, then every minute becomes vital.

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Frazza said...

I think this was my favourite "Pearls of Wisdom" post so far. JazakAllah.