Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 249

1.Never fail to recompense any good that is done for you, even if the only means you have to do so is prayer.

2. Turn away from ignoramuses, and patiently endure the imprudence of fools.

3. Seek the council of those who fear God.

4. Help your brother when he is oppressed, and turn him back to the path of truth when he is an oppressor.

5. Fully extend to your brother the rights you owe him, while foregoing the rights he owes you.

6. Be lenient with one indebted to you, and be gentle in your treatment of widows and orphans.

7. Honor those who endure poverty with patient dignity.

8. Never envy anyone for a blessing, and never backbite anyone.

9. Shut the door to greed by realizing people can ultimately offer you nothing, and seek to open the door to true wealth with contentment.

10. Close the door to your entertaining a bad opinion of others by fearing the responsibility (before God), and open the door leading to a good opinion of others by interpreting their actions in the most gracious manner. [Above quotes by Imam Harith al Muhasibi]

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