Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom....220

1. Whoever truly fears the warnings of torment of the Absolute Judge cannot but act in accordance with the pleasure of the Creator and seek the right over the wrong.

2. The fear of Allah is a protection, the thing that guards you from harm. Allah's protection is the strongest of all armor, no harm can penetrate it. That is what Divine fear secures for you.

3. Know that knowing your Creator and obeying Him is the only path that will lead you to peace and felicity.

4. Whatever act, whatever thing, whatever path is under the shadow of doubt and fear, do not come close to it--------leave it.

5. Revolt and selfishness are a dead end. Only by gaining the Divine consent can you save yourself from your Lord's wrath.

6. Only by entering the straight path can you get out of the abyss of that dead end; only by actions proper to Paradise can you keep away from Fire.

7. Chastity is the foundation of religion and the path to truth. If you are chaste, all your deeds will be pure and sincere; all you do will end well-------you will be in harmony with the Divine order.

8. Be chaste; chastity is to be cautious, to try to abstain from all that is unclean and sinful. It is protecting yourself from all that is doubtful and suspicious in and around you.

9. Even if you feel in need of that which is doubtful, even if you are unable to get anything else, do not take it; leave it for the sake of Allah. This is chastity.

10. Be sure that Allah will reward the chaste with abundant goods much better than the doubtful thing that was abandoned. But do not expect the reward immediately. [Above quotes by Shaykh Muhyuddin Ibn Arabi]

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aneebaba said...

Wow, Sr. Iffath, its as if your posts correspond to what I'm feeling on that given day! The issue today, chastity is something that of course, is always on my mind as a single male, but today the concept once again came up strongly. Once again, Jazak'Allahu Khairan!