Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pearls of the wisdom 222

1. The spirit of all the science is this---------to know who you will be on the Day of Resurrection.

2. The suffering of that world is beyond the limits of description, compared to that, all suffering in this world is easy.

3. He who has intellect dominates his sensuality, is higher than the angels, and he whose sensuality dominates his intellect, is lower than the beasts.

4. Happy is he who wages the Holy war, who chastises his body and gives it its due. Wishing to be delivered from the suffering of that world, he assumes the painful burden of worship in this world.

5. Only God fearingness (taqwa), religion, and piety are of any use. Through them you gain prosperity in the two worlds.

6. Man must cleanse all ulterior motives from his faculty of discernment, and seek companions in religion.

7. Never be without the remembrance of God, for His remembrance provides the bird of the spirit with strength, feathers and wings.

8. Through the remembrance of God your inward will be illuminated and you will achieve a degree of detachment from the world.

9. Remembrance makes people desire the Journey; it makes them into travelers (to Allah).

10. What is sweeter than the remembrance of the Friend? If you mention His name in the depths of a well, He will make the depths of the well the Summit of Paradise. [Mawlana Jalal uddin Rumi]

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aneebaba said...

Ma'sha'allah these were very insightful, not surprising coming from Rumi. Jazak'Allahu Khairan Sr. Iffath.