Monday, January 04, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom....215

1. Look upon the whole creation, and above all, mankind, with good will--------accepting, approving, forgiving, serving, loving. Make that your nature in dealings with the world.

2. Listen to your conscience. Cleanse your heart. In that clean heart, keep up prayer for your believing brothers.

3. Help and serve, as much as you can, the people who hide their misery, who are content with their poverty, the travelers on the path to truth.

4. Do not attribute to yourself virtue, goodness, and graciousness because of your service to the creation. Consider that you owe other people thanks for having humbly accepted your help.

5. It is incumbent upon you to lighten the load of those who are burdened.

6. If people whose pain you have helped to alleviate cause you pain in return---------show patience and forbearance. Do not forget that Allah says: "Surely Allah is with the patient."

7. Find a right friend, who will be a support for you, a good traveling companion on the path of truth.

8. Faith is a seed. It grows into a tree with the beneficent watering and sunshine of faithful friends.

9. Beware of being close to those who do not discriminate between faithful and unfaithful--------not knowing either faith or faithful, they do not care about them.

10. Do not spend your life in empty endeavors and your time in idle talk. Instead, reflect and remember Allah, read the Qur'an, guide the misguided to the enlightened path. Help others leave evil and turn to doing good. Mend broken friendships. Help others to help others. [Above quotes by Shayh Muhyuddin Ibn Arabi]

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