Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....214

1. The part of your life that has gone by is irreplaceable, and that which has arrived is priceless.

2. Your obedience does not benefit Him, and your disobedience does not harm Him. It is only for your own good that He commanded the one and prohibited the other.

3. The best knowledge is the one accompanied by fear.

4. He only made affliction come at the hands of people so that you not repose them. He wants to drive you out of everything so that nothing would divert you from Him.

5. If you know that the devil does not forget you, then do not, for your part, forget Him who has your forelock in His hand.

6. So long as you have not contemplated the Creator, you belong to created beings; but when you have contemplated Him, created beings belong to you.

7. Meditation is the lamp of the heart; so when it goes away, the heart has no illumination.

8. Many a life is long in years but meager in fruits, and many a life is short in years but rich in fruits.

9. He who has been blessed in life attains, in a short time, to such gifts from God that no expression or symbolic allusion could describe.

10. For those who do good, finding the fruits of the acts of obedience in this world is glad tidings of their reward in the Hereafter. [Above quotes by Ibn Ata'Allah]

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