Monday, January 12, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....120

1. The deceased wait your imminent arrival, so gather now your provisions for that journey. [Da'ud Tai]

2. He who recognizes himself has recognized his Lord, and he who has recognized his Lord has achieved everything there is to achieve---------through his submission to His commands. [Sahl bin Abdullah tustari]

3. The initial stage of intimacy with the Divine is contentment and the beginning of contentment lies in leaving your vain desires. [Sahl bin Abdullah Tustari]

4. Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all, it is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine most brilliantly. [Ali radi Allah anhu]

5. The one who wants to expand his needs and wants should get used to the grief that comes from being deprived. [Ali radi Allah anhu]

6. Accept the truth from whoever says it, whether they are young or old and beware of being given to refusal and arrogance. [Shaykh Bayanuni]

7. Blessings tend to flee from those who have no measure of them. [Sari al Saqti]

8. Do not think that controlling your anger is somehow removed from good manners. [Sari al Saqti]

9. Without a steady dose of knowledge, wisdom, and the advice from the sages, our hearts will wither and die. [Fatah Musli]

10. Whoever is pleased with himself is veiled from his Lord. [Shah al Kirmani]

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