Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....118

1. There is no better provision for the journey through life than------
a. To always consider your sustenance to be near.
b. To have certainty that none can partake in what is destined for you.
c. To know that Allah is Ever-Present.
d. To know that He is intimately aware of the best and worse of our states. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

2. All of the religion is behavior and character. What increases you in (good) behavior, increases you in your religion. [Ibn Al Qayyim]

3. By Allah it is not allowed for you to harm a dog or a pig without just cause, how then can you harm a Muslim? [Fudhail bin Iyaadh]

4. Destroyed is the one who does not have a heart that can recognize what is good and what is evil. [Abdullah bin Mus'ud]

5. If you obeyed Allah in private, knowing that Allah sees you, then you have taken a bold step into a grave matter. If you thought that He did not see you then you have committed kufr. [Sulaiman ibn Ali]

6. The one who does not have knowledge should not be too shy to ask, and the one who is asked about something he does not know should not be so shy that it keeps him from saying, "I do not know." [Ali radi Allah anhu']

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