Friday, January 02, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....117

1. In reality Salah is the meeting of the lover with the Beloved. [Bayazeed al Bustami]

2. The one who always leaves his sunnahs will eventually be deprived of his fardh. Such a person can never taste of the Divine beauty. [Abdullah ibn Mubarak]

3. The one who takes his wealth through unlawful means is deprived in trusting in Allah. [Abdullah ibn Mubarak]

4. The one who is esteemed by people should deem himself worthy of no such honor or respect, so as not to fall into dilusion. [Abdullah ibn Mubarak]

5. The eternal realm of the Hereafter is all but forgotten by the one who amasses unlawful wealth. [Sufyan al Thawri]

6. The whole matter of love and slavehood rests upon fear, hope, and love of the Divine. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

7. Those who rely and trust in Allah are given increase in their provision and goodness of their nature. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

8. The result of fear of Allah is that one is able to leave the forbidden, and the result of hope in Allah is that one increases and remains firm footed in one's obedience. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

9. Three things destroy a person---------persisting in sins with false hope of repentance; delaying repentance with the dilusion of long life; and despairing of His mercy. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

10. There exists four conditions to attaining Allah's pleasure----------not worrying about where one's provision will come from; being utterly sincere; always deeming Shaytan your enemy; and gathering the provision for the Hereafter. [Shaqeeq al Balkhi]

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