Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ayahs of the Day:
And whoever disbelieves, don't let theirs atheism grieve you. They will wind up before Us, and We will tell them about what they did. For God knows what is in hearts. We let them enjoy a little, then We drive them to a severe agony. [31: 23,24]

Hadith of the Day:
A good man comes so close to Paradise that the distance between him and eternal salvation is no more than the length of a spear. Then he utters a thoughtless word that throws him back the distance from here to Yemen. [Abi Dunya]

Wise Quote of the Day:
Whoever breaks a habit within himself of the type that everyone else amongst mankind continues to have, then God Most High, in turn for that, will similarly break for him a habit, and this is called a miracle (karamah) by the masses. [Ibn Ata'Allah]

Guidance of the Day:
From the moment that we are born into this planet, there is more to do than can ever be done, more to see than can ever be seen, and if something is important, we must make time. We must decide what is really important, really necessary, make it a priority, and make time. Otherwise the siren call of the world will always keep us busy and distracted from what really is important. What really counts?

Our priorities should not be based on a material goal. Rather, we should use our time and our talents to develop our whole person. Our own development should be our top priority. When we are fully alive, in every way, striving toward perfection, we experience the profound joy of life. Finding the rhythm of life is largely about reassessing our priorities and reallocating our resources and energies according to those new priorities. The result is the whole person, a person fully alive, striving to grow, develop, and perfect the various aspects of our character. [Kelly, The Rhythm of Life]

Food for Thought:
Forgiveness is a man's highest achievement because it shows true enlightenment in action. It shows that one is in touch with the energy of love. Create an inner harmony where your loving soul guides your physical behavior, rather than having your soul always come in second place.

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