Friday, July 22, 2005


Ayah of the Day:
O Prophet, rouse the believers to battle: if there are twenty of you who persevere patiently, they will defeat two hundred; and if there are two hundred of you, they will overcome a thousand of those who scoff, because these are people who do not understand. [8: 65]

Hadith of the Day:
Let each of you protect himself against Hell Fire, be with even half a date (given in charity) - and if he finds (not even that small amount to give), then with a kind word.

Wise Quote of the Day:
The Islamic law opened the door of vocation in front of the woman such that she may be able to seek refuge through it in case of need and exceptional situations, or such that she may find in her profession an opportunity to convey a message or attend to important (issues). [Shaykh sa'id Ramadan]

Guidance of the Day:
Respond with an occasional brief nod or sound. This indicates that you are paying attention. Research shows that candidates who nod during interviews get the job more often than those who don't. Verbal cues such as "mm-hmm," or "yeah," or even a grunt serve the similar purpose.

From time to time paraphrase what the speaker says. Doing so tells the speaker that you're still interested, especially when you can restate the important parts. This also serves to ensure that you understand what's been said. A good time to paraphrase is when you introduce a question. For example: "You say you'd really love to go to Africa. Why do you think it would be a great place to visit?" Or, "It sounds like school has been really frustrating for you this spring. How is it harder for you now than last semester?"

Maintain the right amount of eye contact. Allow the speaker to catch your eye. Avoid staring, which can be interpreted as a sign of hostility or intrusiveness. But don't be afraid to look at the speaker. Avoiding eye contact altogether gives the impression of disinterest, nervousness, or lack of confidence. Be aware also that holding eye contact with a warm smile for several seconds may be interpreted as flirtatious or seductive. [The Relationship Cure]

Food for Thought:
The design for humanity is based on a division of labor. The best way to work in groups is by a division of labor. What a perfect plan God designed for the family. Since the woman is biologically created to bear children, her role as a mother is unquestioned. Her home making role is assumed. She must nurture her young and run the household, to free her husband to function as a provider.

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