Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 295

1. The surest way of achieving heaven on earth is contentment with His decree.

2. Indeed the sword may wound the body, but it is the foul speech which wounds the soul.

3. Steeped in error is he who can find time to seek out the faults of others.

4. A Muslim's humiliation comes from his heedlessness of his religion, not in his lack of wealth and stature.

5. When the poor and needy come to you, then know that it is a gift from your Lord.

6. Sins have a tendency of creating restlessness in one's heart in one form or the other.

7. Ingratitude -- spending of Allah's bounty in ways which are inappropriate and unbefitting.

8. Generosity is the fruit of wealth; practice is the fruit of knowledge; Allah's pleasure is the fruit of sincerity.

9. The one who has not observed the rights of people cannot possibly observe the rights of God.

10. Lovers of fine raiment and garb! forget not that one day you will wear the shroud of the grave;
Lovers of palaces and lofty mansions! forget not that ditch where you will ultimately lie;
Lovers of fine food and drink forget not that you are to become the food of worms and maggots. [Above quotes by Othman radi Allah anhu]

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