Monday, April 12, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 242

1. God has created for each limb a command and a prohibition as a binding obligation. He has created between these two a space for permissible actions. Leaving that space is a laudable virtue for the servant.

2. The obligation for the heart, after faith and repentance, is being sincere in the actions undertaken for the sake of God; entertaining a good opinion of God during those situations that vex your understanding; trusting in His promise; fearing His punishment; and hoping for His grace.

3. The obligation governing speech is being truthful during times of pleasure or anger, refraining from harming others secretly or openly, and avoiding ostentatious speech, whether it is good or evil.

4. The obligation of the sight is that it is averted from gazing at something forbidden, and that it does not seek out what is veiled or hidden from it.

5. The obligation of hearing is consistent with that of the speech and sight. Everything prohibited for you to speak about or to look at is prohibited for you to listen to or to enjoy audibly.

6. Searching for what is hidden from you is unlawful spying.

7. Listening to empty amusement, sensuous singing, and words harming Muslims in any way is as forbidden as consuming carrion or blood.

8. There is no appendage more damaging to the servant, after his tongue, than his ears, because they are the fastest messenger to the heart, and the quickest to surrender to temptation.

9.The obligation of the hands and feet is that they are not extended towards something forbidden, and that they are never closed from engaging the truth.

10. To ensure that we use our limbs in ways pleasing to God we have to ensure that our hearts are pure and in tune with the Divine law, and that we strive to attain the special status of
Walaya, or love and nearness to God. When we are in a relationship of love and nearness to God, He ensures that we use our limbs in ways that are pleasing to Him, ways that are consistent with the law He has revealed. [Above quotes by Imam Harith al Muhasibi]

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