Monday, December 22, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....113

1. It's Allah's words, not music, that brings peace to a person. Music is a cheap and forbidden substitute.

2. Performing virtuous deeds is the crown on the head of a happy life.

3. There is a secret to guide you in this life---------and that is to know the triviality of this world.

4. Reading good material opens the mind, guides one to correct morals and sharpens one's ability to think.

5. The heart does not feel deserted except when it disobeys its Lord.

6. Three things of life once gone never come back-------time, words, and opportunity.

7. Three things of life must never be lost---------peace, hope, and honesty.

8. From the rights of mutual love is to forgive and overlook shortcomings.

9. Being blessed with honor is also a test.

10. From the lack of fairness is to expect refinement in the world, while you yourself are unrefined.

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