Friday, December 19, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom....112

1. The habit of looking on the bright side in every circumstance is more valuable that having a large income.

2. The ideal person is he who takes pleasure in serving others. The noble hearted person works for people.

3. Happiness, cheerfulness, and calmness are often more effacious than doctors' pills.

4. Hardship before comfort is analogous to hunger before food--------food comes at a time when it has its greatest effect on the taste buds.

5. Hardship is as beneficial to the soul as it is unwelcome in one's life.

6. Whoever looks reflectively at the universe knows that the One Who created it perfectly is All-Wise and is not playing with the dice.

7. Anger is one of the factors that cause depression and sadness--------we need to get rid of it.

8. By seeking to be the center of attention and by trying to please others, you lose both peace and stability in your life.

9. The Muslim has a mission and a message that are more important than revenge, malice, and hate.

10. Performing noble deeds is the way to happiness--------doing good to others brings happiness to both heart and soul.

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