Friday, February 17, 2012

Pearls of wisdom 330

1. Many a life is long in years but meager in fruits, and many a life is short in years but rich in fruits.

2. He who has been blessed in life attains in a short time, to such gifts from God that no expression or symbolic allusion could describe.

3. Meditation is the voyage of the heart and the lamp of the heart; when it goes away, the heart has no illumination.

4. He who attributes humility to himself is really proud, for humility arises only out of sublime state.

5. Real humility is the one which rises from the contemplation of His Sublimity and illumination of His Attributes.

6. He made devil your enemy so that, through him, He could drive you toward Himself, and He stirred up your soul against you so that your drawing to Him would be permanent.

7. So long as you have not contemplated the Creator, you belong to the created beings; but when you contemplated Him, created beings belong to you.

8. He only made afflictions come at the hands of people so that you not repose in them. He wanted to drive you out of everything so that nothing would divert you from Him. [Above quotes by Ibn Ata Allah Iskandari]

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