Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to take care of the heart....

Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaanee [rahimahullahu] said:-

The heart has been singled out because it is the leader of the body and through the purification of the leader...
the subjects become purified.

and with its corruption they become corrupted.
So if you, O servant of Allaah, wish to cure your heart then it is upon you to be truthful with regards to---

(1)Seeking refuge with Allaah
(2)Putting trust in Him,
(3)Pray a great deal of supererogatory prayers,
(4)Perform the actions of obedience to Allaah frequently.

(5) Pray the night prayer while the people are sleeping, and to treat your heart by

(6) Making it continuously stick to the remembrances and by

(7) Befriending only the righteous…
and to
(8)Frequently recite the Qur’aan.

And Allaah will indeed allow all of this to be preserved by Him.


Anonymous said...

In my local mosque every sunday they have a lecture by an amazing speaker, and for the next couple of weeks he is going to focus on the ayas about the heart...last sunday he explained to us that two main diesease of the heart are doubt in Allah and love and desire for this dunya, and that jealousy,hate,hypocrisy, and etc are the symptoms


Medicine for heart is 5 :
1)Regular study of the Quran
2)Starving the eyes
3) Regular Performance of Tahajjud
4)Regular supplications to Allah
5)Accompanying the righteous people
Imam Shafii.