Friday, February 24, 2012


Ayahs of the day:
O Believers, give of what We have provided for you, before there comes a day in which there is no barter, and no friendship, and no intercession. [2: 254]

Hadith of the day:
Gentleness is never mixed with anything without embellishing it nor is it ever taken away from anything without disfiguring it. [Muslim]

Wise quote of the day:
Who can be a greater wastrel than a man whom even learning has not been able to keep away from sin and depravity. [Imam Abu Hanifah]

Guidance of the day:
"Die not except as Muslims." [3:102] is a command from Allah the Almighty in His Book, to die adhering to Islam, (the word Islam in this context refers to original meaning of submission to God) -- God's religion, of which He informed us in His Book that it is the only Religion in His sight and that He will accept none other, that it is the religion He found pleasing for His Messenger and His believing servants.

A human being lacks the power to force himself to die as a Muslim, but God has granted him the means to attain to that. When he makes use of the means he would have done what is his to do and obeyed what he was commanded to do, namely to intend to die a Muslim, love this, wish for it, resolve to do it, and loathe to die on any other religion. He should persist in praying for this, imploring God and beseeching Him to take him to Him as a Muslim.

Thus did God describe His Prophets and the virtuous among His servants. He said in mentioning Joseph son of Jacob -- may peace be upon them, "You are my ally in this world and the next, take me as a Muslim and make me join the virtuous, (12:101). And mentioning Pharaoh's magicians when they became believers and were threatened chastisement by Pharaoh, "Our Lord, give us fortitude in abundance and take us as Muslims, (7:126). [Counsels of Religion by Imam al-Haddad]

Food for thought:
The world of bees is full of wonders that remind us of Allah's care. The tiny bee leaves its hive in order to seek out sustenance. It lands on a good and pure surface and sucks out the nectar. It then returns with a fluid that provides remedy for people, always returning to its own hive without losing its way -- a lesson to be learned from.

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