Monday, October 24, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 319

1. When you get up in the morning, start your day with the glorification of the Most Glorious.

2. Aspirant of worldly indulgence is like a person who drinks salt water of the sea -- the more he drinks, the more his thirst increases.

3. To overcome appetitive desire, is the quality of the angels and to be overpowered by them is the traits of animals.

4. The best device to get vigilant awareness in prayer is to keep in view the meanings of what you recite.

5. Heart can never be radiant by Divine light unless ego and carnal desire, by undergoing austerities and mortification, become subservient to Shariah.

6. The servants desire of worldly gains is more disastrous than the tricks of Satan.

7. To revile the calamities and turmoil of the world is equal to assail God with bitter abuse.

8. Be moderate in worship of Him, shun heaviness but be consistent.

9. Attain that knowledge which creates awareness of your inmost being.

10. To earn lawful livelihood for the dependents is the task of abdal, to bring them up teaching good manners and best conduct is the greater jihad. [Above quotes by Imam Ghazali]

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