Friday, October 14, 2011

Pearls of wisdom 318

1. It cannot be denied that where Beauty is perceived, it is natural to love it and if it is certain that God is Beauty, He must be loved by the one to whom His Beauty and His Majesty is revealed.

2. God has created His creatures in darkness and then He shed upon them His light -- it is by the help of this light that the search for truth must be carried out.

3. Human nature in fact testifies that it is subject to the will of God and governed in accordance with His laws.

4. To believe in the Prophet is to admit that there is above intelligence a sphere in which are revealed to the inner vision truths beyond the grasp of intelligence.

5. The highest faculty in man is reason which fits him for the contemplation of God.

6. The real light is He in whose hand lies creation and its destinies.

7. It is the mark of saint ship to show compassion to all God's servants, to be kind towards them and to fight for them and with them against the forces of evil.

8. It is incumbent on a man to dive deep into the sea of love; if the wave of love lands him on the shore of favor, he has attained the highest achievement.

9. It is difficult to save from wickedness unless lustful glance is protected.

10. It is better to disclose good deeds of others and connive their evil acts. [Above quotes by Imam Ghazali]

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