Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 284

1. Do not run after him who tries to avoid you.

2. Do not get too worried and depressed over oppressions and cruelties, because whoever oppresses you is in reality doing himself harm.

3. Do not be like those on whom advice has no effect and who require punishment to correct themselves.

4. A sensible and reasonable man acquires education and culture through advice, and brutes and beasts always accept correction through punishment and chastisement.

5. A true friend is one who speaks well of his friend even behind his back -- be a true friend.

6. Inordinate desires have close relations with misfortunes and calamities.

7. He who wants to retain his prestige and position, through contentment and honesty, will find them lasting assets.

8. Weaknesses and shortcomings are not the things to talk about.

9. The greatest achievement of your character is that the enmity of your brother against you dare not overcome the consideration and friendship you feel toward him, and his ill-treatment of you cannot over balance your kind treatment to him.

10. The past and almost all that was in your possession during the past is not with you now; you may thus rationally come to the conclusion that the present and all that is in your possession will also leave you -- make the most of it. [Above quotes by Ali radi Allah anu]

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