Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 280

1. The one to whom small calamities seem large, will certainly be afflicted by truly large calamities.

2. He whose thoughts are vile and low can have nothing but the worst opinion of others.

3. Thankfulness to the Creator in the form of service to His creation is the ultimate expression of gratitude.

4. The one who acts as if death will come tomorrow feels no sorrow when it finally comes.

5. The excellence of knowledge lies in its practice; and the excellence of kindness to others lies in mentioning it not.

6. Friendship with the ignorant and the heedless are as fickle as the changing times and as quick to disappear as the setting of sun.

7. The difficulty wherein lies hope of reward is better than the comfort enjoyed thanklessly.

8. Consider not a man worthless until you have had a chance to converse with him.

9. Health and well-being on one hand and gluttony on the other are mutually exclusive.

10. Face off your difficulties with patience; and fence in your blessings with thankfulness. [Above quotes by Ali radi Allah anhu]

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