Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 272

1. Let your companionship be with Allah, and befriend others besides Allah within the scope of His companionship.

2. Give in charity every morning from your bread.

3. Be with Allah Most High as if there were no creatures -- that is when you will find Him and become extinct to all else.

4. Be with creatures as if there is no self -- that is when you will always act justly and be safe from bad consequences.

5. Leave everything at the door of your retreat and enter it alone -- then you will see your intimate friend (Allah) in your solitude with the eye of your inner most being.

6. Do not swear, whether truthfully or falsely, deliberately or absentmindedly -- this will bring about self-control.

7. Avoid lying, whether in jest or in earnest -- with this Allah will purify the mind.

8. Beware of promising something to someone and then failing to keep the promise -- breach of promise is tantamount to lying.

9. Avoid cursing anything in the realm of creation, or hurting anything from a mere atom upward -- this is one of the moral standards of the pious and the champions of truth.

10. Refrain from contemplating sinful offences, and restrain all limbs and organs from participating in them -- such efforts bring the quickest reward to heart and body in the present life of this world, as well as the good things in the hereafter. [Above quotes by Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani]

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