Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 226

1. Oh lover of the King! Know that your way is to seek the pleasure of that Generous Lord.

2. Those who seek to acquire the virtues of Muhammad (sws) die like Abu Bakr and Omar (ra).

3. When the sun goes down, what remains but black night. When the intellect departs from the head, what remains but foolishness.

4. Oh intellect, everyone's troubles stem from your departure, wherever you turn your back are found error and war, wherever you show your face is seen passionate love.

5. Intellect is good and desirable to the extent it brings you to the King's door -- once you have reached His door, then divorce the intellect, when you reach Him, entrust yourself to Him!

6. Make yourself a simpleton and follow the saint; you will find salvation only by being a simpleton.

7. Whoever tastes religion's sweetness -- how should he enjoy the world's honey.

8. For the sake of your own soul, seek well-being from saints.

9. The only way to flee from suffering is to seek refuge from one's ego with God.

10. Happy is the spirit awakened from slumber by His chastisement! Rejoice in it, it counts as a blessing. [Mawlana Rumi]

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wow i love these jazaakAllah khairun!