Friday, February 05, 2010

Pearls of wisdom 225

1. Hunger will make all unpleasant things pleasant -- but without it, all pleasant things are rejected.

2. When love of God has doubled in your heart, without doubt God has love for you -- you have never heard one hand clapping without the other.

3. You are not less than the earth. Men change the earth by moving and turning it with shovels, then it yields crops. When they abandon it, it becomes hard.

4. How should the infant know the effect of his cries upon hearts? So weep, even if you do not know the result! The everlasting gardens of rivers of Paradise will be born from your tears.

5. Whether you are pure or impure, flee not. For nearness to Him increases purity.

6. Act so that your seeking may increase. He who plants a great deal may hope for a bountiful harvest.

7. God will give you what you seek. Where your aspiration lies, that you will become, for, "the bird flies with its wings, but the believer flies with his aspiration."

8. Love (of the Creator) is the water of life -- drink it down with heart and soul.

9. Love is that flame when it blazes up, burns away everything except the Beloved.

10. Your sensuality is copper, and the light of Love is the elixir -- Love's light transmutes the copper of your existence into gold. [Mawlana Rumi]

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Anonymous said...

jazaakAllah khair sister...may Allah reward you and your family with the best things in life and may Allah grant you jannah.....Amin ya rabbil calamin ! I've learned alot from your site sister and I will pass it on like you have passed on !