Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....144

1. Since the day you are born, everyday, you are getting closer to the Hereafter with your back towards this world. So your abode in the Hereafter is far nearer to you than your house in this world.

2. Avoid incurring debts; for a debt is a humiliation by day and a grief by night.

3. Entertain hopes of mercy from Allah, but let not your hopes make you bold in committing sins; be fearful of Allah and let not your fear make you despair of His mercy.

4. Busy yourself in the affairs of this world to the extent of the remaining period of your life.

5. Worship Allah according to the measure of your dependence upon Him.

6. Make preparation for the Hereafter according to the extent of your stay in that world.

7. Continue to struggle for redemption from Hell-Fire till you have attained it.

8. If you have the audacity to indulge in sins, do so to the extent that you can endure Hell-Fire.

9. When you want to commit a sin, look for a hiding place that is not being watched by Allah Most High and His angels.

10. Entertain good expectation from Allah without losing fear of His punishment, and fear of His punishment should not make you despair of His mercy. [Above quotes by Hakeem Luqman]

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