Friday, March 20, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom....143

1. If we are not living for our Lord, relying on His guidance and help, and trusting in His wisdom, we will find it very difficult to negotiate our way through this world.

2. Our fulfillment does not lie in our liberation, rather it lies in the conquest of our souls and its base desires. The conquest only occurs through our enslavement to God.

3. Our enslavement to God in turn means that we have to suppress many of our souls' desires and inclinations.

4. It is our spiritual potential that separates us from the rest of this creation, and it is to the extent that we are able to conquer our physical nature that we realize that spiritual potential.

5. We need to realize that we will never achieve meaningful change in our situation relying on our own meager resources. We need to turn wholeheartedly to our Lord.

6. When we live for our Lord it becomes easy to live with each other. If in our personal relations we can come to embody the spirit of mutual love, mercy, and affection, we will be able to live together in harmony.

7. Islam wants each individual to take responsibility for his or her actions and to begin to address undesirable situations by seeing how he or she has fallen short in meeting the conditions God has established for the attainment of favorable out comes in this life.[Above quotes by Imam Zaid Shakir]

8. Associate frequently with the pious, for, in this way alone, you can attain to the virtues that they possess. Besides, when Allah's special favors descend upon these beings you will be able to receive your share of blessings; for when it rains, its showers fall on all sides of the house. [Hakeem Luqman]

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